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Frankfurt Ginkgo Shogi Open 2016


Gingko Shogi Open Frankfurt - Logo22nd and 23rd October 2016

The Frankfurt Shogi Club hosts a tournament on 2 days with 7 rounds.

Venue: Kinder im Zentrum Gallus e.V
Idsteiner Str.91
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Open tournament, 7 rounds in MacMahon, with at least three groups (more groups could be created depending on the attendance.
Speed: 30 minutes + 30 seconds byoyomi

We will follow the new official tournament rules from FESA (they will be published shortly)

There will be prizes for the winner as well as the best newcomer for their first tournament.

Saturday 22/10: 10:00-10.30


1st round
Lunch break
2nd round
3rd round
4th round
A dinner together would be organised depending on interest

Sunday 23/10: 9:30

5th round
6th round
Lunch break
7th round
Winner's announcement and prizes

Entry fee: 10 Euro for adults, 5 Euro for minors and students.

Please send an e-mail to the following address to register: frankfurt@shogideutschland.de.

Catering: It is possible to have lunch on site for 15 euros per day. NEW!
The menu will be communicated via e-mail.
Drinks are available for all (water, coffee and apple juice).

Access: To access the building "Kinder im Zentrum Gallus":
From the Frankfurt am Main Central Station, take the tram 11 or 21 until Rebstöckerstr.
Then follow the map at the bottom of the page below.
http://kiz-gallus.org/UserFiles/File/wegbeschreibung.pdf NEW!!

For hotel accommodations, please see the recommendations on the flowing website:

Please note that the book fair is hold on the same weekend, so it would be advisable to book your hotel early.

Registered players

  1Shou OtsukaLuxembourg  4 Dan2498
  2Jean FortinFrankfurt  4 Dan2171
  3Thomas LeiterDarmstadt  3 Dan2114
  4Uladzislau ZakrzheuskiWarsaw  3 Dan2087
  5Frank RövekampKurpfalz  3 Dan1925
  6Richard BjerkeOslo  1 Dan1838
  7Terje ChristoffersenParis  2 Dan1831
  8Jochen DrechslerHeigenbrücken  2 Dan1814
  9Toshihiko OtsukaLuxembourg  2 Kyu1791
10Lex van der LubbeThe Hague  1 Dan1770
11Kensuke TsutsuiDarmstadt  2 Dan  -
12Andreas BauerDarmstadt  -1739
13Hiro KondoBerlin  1 Kyu1716
14Christophe WeimannLille  1 Kyu1659
15Asle OlufsenOslo  2 Kyu1559
16Kees WieberingFrankfurt  1 Kyu1554
17Ryuhei YamaguchiDarmstadt  -1541
18Bilal DardourDarmstadt  3 Kyu1440
19Peter HingleyMunich  3 Kyu1424
20Oliver OrschiedtKurpfalz  3 Kyu1390
21Chan Chung ManDarmstadt  6 Kyu1348
22Erik KleinKurpfalz  4 Kyu1343
23Sébastien FaberFrankfurt  5 Kyu1283
24Ritchy HöhneThe Hague  5 Kyu1281
25Wilfried RöschDarmstadt  5 Kyu1270
26Frédérick JeckoColmar  6 Kyu1223
27Michael HöhneThe Hague  6 Kyu1205
28Julian BaldusDüsseldorf  6 Kyu1200
29Célestin WeimannLille  7 Kyu1138
30Leonard OrschiedtKurpfalz  6 Kyu1132
31Philippe Le RouxStrasbourg  8 Kyu1052
32Antoine GrandmarreFrankfurt  9 Kyu1046
33Michaela BaumgarthDüsseldorf10 Kyu  953
34Tristan OrschiedtKurpfalz  9 Kyu  920
35Günther ReinholdFrankfurt  -  -
36Jennifer HauptDüsseldorf  -  -
37Marcel Keitsch    -  -
38Jens GerbigFrankfurt  -  -
39Chiyoko MasudaFrankfurt  -  -
40Yuto MasudaFrankfurt  -  -
41Torben von BorstelFrankfurt  -  -